This is the new CD by CUT TO THE BONE. You can listen here as well as purchase the full album or individual tracks.Its as usual a fusion of high energy music mixing ROCK,FUNK,with touches of LATIN. If your into music that thinks outside the box takes a fresh look at sound then this is for you. The new cd is  available either as downloads or you can purchase a physical copy through paypal just click the buy now btn use the contact page to email us the price for the actual cd is £10.00 inclusive of shipping in the UK for oversees shipping you will need to contact us for price.


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Prepare for something wild! CUT TO THE BONE is.or actually was,a three -piece band formed by UK based musician and songwriter DEAN his goal was to bring what had started as a solo project to the live stage. With many years of experience as a multi instrumentalist. skilled in playing guitar,bass,keys,drums and brass. His music is an eclectic mix of funk, soul,fusion,latin with a prog rock feel. "UNRESTRICTED" is the latest offering from DEAN who simply decided to record everything he had written for the band. He handled all the instruments and vocals, the resulting album is an eclectic mix of genres,approaches,and sounds. It honestly doesnt sound as if it was done by a single person. The music of CUT TO THE BONE is very generous on instrumentation-the regular guitar,bass and drums formula is extended by a brass section,percussion with vocals that carry a strong art rock feel, a plethora of wild and  expansive guitar solos and layers of keys. In general "UNRESTRICTED" absolutely lives up to its name. Complex music-writing and excellent performance, varying vocal styles percussion-heavy funk-jazz-soul fusion with a strong UK rock sound. What more do you need? just cut to the bone and explore this album. Theres a lot of music within  to discover


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