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CUT TO THE BONE, well the band takes form in two parts especially on this the new album. As usual the songs are written and produced by band member DEAN, but for this album due to unforeseen circumstances long time friend and band member Iain (drums) was not able to appear on the album. This should be rectified by the time of recording the next cd. so in the studio DEAN has played all the instruments , but live as usual the band is DEAN and IAIN again unfortunately JOHN (guitar) due to other commitments had to leave. So now its Iain and DEAN plus whoever else they invite to play live. DEAN says though Iain may not play physically on the album  still his presence is felt on every track as DEAN states due to the influence of playing with Iain his whole way of composing and writing has changed for the better he says that his friend Iain not only has the ability to really listen to what everyone is doing but has the chops to instinctively not just react but turn an ordinary phrase into a main feature in the song. For DEAN this cd more than any other represents a culmination of where he wants to be musically and is the best music the band has ever produced. The beauty of this band is due to having such a broad spectrum of playing experience they are able to infuse there sound with a unique fusion of musical genres. DEAN states because of Iains skill and ability that he can throw anything at his friend and Iain can respond with the perfect rhythm and groove allowing DEAN to mix and match any musical style he want to throw in the mix, thus creating their blend of Rock,Funk and Latin.

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